Asahi Karate Hasselt


Start met Karate

Welcome, we're very happy to meet you. Our club, Asahi Karate Hasselt, has a longstanding tradition in JKA Shotokan Karate. A tradition we're happy to share with anyone interested in the Art of Karate.

Feel free to peruse these pages at your leisure and don't hesitate to pop 'round and join us in our everlasting quest to become skilled martial artists.

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Training hours


8 PM - 9:30 PM All grades Sporthal Kuringen


7PM - 8:30 PM Beginners Zaaltje zwembad Hasselt


9PM - 10:30 PM All grades Sporthal Kuringen


Location 1

Stedelijke Sporthal Kuringen

Grote Baan 171

3511 Kuringen (Hasselt)

Location 2

Zaal Zwembad Kapermolen

Koning Boudewijnlaan 22

3500 Hasselt